Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blogging Hearts

This is a piece I've had for a little while(before Valentines Day) but hadn't taken a photo of. I was a little embarrassed to share it so close after Valentines Day so here it is. It kind of ties in with my topic for today. Blogging Hearts. I love to blog because it lets me express myself in words, but mostly I love to blog because of the hearts I've met along the way. So many good people with creative and open hearts. I've read about their successes and their work, their blockages and their sorrows. The blog is a wonderful way to express things that you sometimes can't say face to face to another human being and that is what makes it the lovely medium it is. You blog from the heart.

I remember when I took a bit of a break to opine anonymously about politics and when I returned I had friends who had lost loved ones, some who had given up their blogs, some who had complete life changes in the time I was busy opining politics and leaving real life behind. Reading about their lives and your lives makes me realize how connected we are and how similar people at their heart level and at their core are. Sometimes I think it's because so many of my blogging friends are artists and being an artist is a solitary occupation. This is our outlet to the world.

I've been thinking about this topic for a while because some of my bloggy friends have been taking a break and I am just hoping it is for a wonderful happy reason and not a heartbroken one. I can't wait till they come back and I can delight in their work and their words again.

In the meantime I am greatful to all the blogging hearts I've met and all the journeys they've taken me on. So take a bow and keep on blogging(and stitching too).

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JudyOlson said...

You should write a book! I too think the artists life is a lonely one. For one thing, you need to be alone for your art to grow. This aloneness is good. But since we are also humans, it is also good to have connections and interactions with our fellows! Blogging is very good for this, especially for those of us who live out in the stick ands can't get "to town" very often. I bet those stitches on your heart (or in your heart!) are beautiful close up.