Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'd like to call it a celtic cross but I'm not sure it's Celtic. It is a couple of years old but it has mostly sat on my wall and not elsewhere. I love to hand embroider crosses because they make me feel more connected to God then anything else does. I have a few of them embroidered but not quite finished or framed. Pperhaps the joy is just making them. One of my earlier crosses became Dancing and the two waiting to be framed are also variations of a cross. One is called Crossing and one is called Golden Crossing. I will share them soon.

I finished a hand embroidered lotus today but did not like the one mat that I had for that size so that one will be upcoming too. As much as the darkness of the last few days dragged me down, hand embroidered spirituality has brought me back to my center.

That is what I love the most about hand embroidery. The idea that it is a meditation. I have to concentrate on the stitch one little stitch at a time. Needlework is a very spiritual practice as it requires such concentration that you can't really be worrying about the woes of the world when you are doing it. You have to concentrate. As some of my real life friends would tell you I have a very short attention span and a very intense energy. The only time my energy level is at peace(of course except when I am asleep) is when I am working. I keep forgetting that and don't give myself the time I need to find my center. So I'm limiting my computer time and embroidering myself a peaceful cocoon.

So find time for your center with whatever medium you prefer. And keep stitching. I certainly will!


lee said...

i caught up on all your posts. I agree with you, we all have our days *what you said in a nutshell) I definitely have mine, menopause to. I found it so difficult that I am on anti depressants to help me be sane...lord am I really saying this. But if you asked my family they would say I should never go off them

JudyOlson said...

The cross is lovely Deb! You do crawl out of menopause in the end, but it is a long dark tunnel.

tangled stitch said...

Oh that darn menopausal thing. What is happening to us? Thanks for the support and kind words and something to look forward to.

Painter of Blue said...

My god! What a wonderful post! Your blog is such a gift. I love this piece and the lotus piece in the next post too.

I'm sorry your body is rebelling so much. I will keep you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.