Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Embroidering at a Pace

Sorry there are no photos to share today. I have been embroidering at a pace. Caught up in the act of doing not the act of finishing I suppose. The fun part in other words. Very rarely do I embroider a piece and frame it right away. Maybe 3 or 4 pieces(blue moon being one of them)have made it from my hands into a frame. Otherwise they sit nicely folded in a plastic bin until I am inspired to frame them. Some day I will do the non fun part and you will have several days of eye feasting(or famine) but for the moment the process is calling me, not a finished project.

That is how I ended up in the coop believe it or not. I had enough pieces stocked away in my closet in an unfinished state that I could just whip up a body of work. Not so easy to do when you are a hand embroider or needleworker. Everything we do is labor intensive. I love it and couldn't live without it but it is easy to lose yourself for days(and sometimes weeks or months) on one project. I think that is why it is sometimes so hard to frame it and try to put a value on it. I like to do small projects(haven't done too many of them lately either) for the instant gratification part of me. But even those cannot be knocked off at a fast pace.

Sometimes when I see quilters who quilt by hand(such as Spirit Cloth) I am in awe of every tiny stitch and how labor intensive it is. How many hours go into a quilt. I know there are some that use machines in an extraordinary way but something about the hand stitcher. Stitching is very meditative and not something that can be rushed. And I'm pretty sure all of us hand stitchers in whatever category from the young girl with her first kit to the makers of those beautiful art quilts would have it any other way. Happy Stitchin.

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Lynda Lehmann said...

I guess it's the same way with painting. You can't rush it--even though some works proceed much faster than others. But those that are fast, tend to be just that: action or process paintings.

I think needlework would be very calming and meditative. I'm glad you enjoy it.