Monday, March 23, 2009

Frustration and the Dragonflies!

No new pictures. I am on strike with the pictures for today because I have been working on my first miniquilt(not sure I like it and it isn't even finished YET). I have been admiring everybody's beautiful miniquilts on my journey and decided to undertake one of my own. I am still adding tiny little hand stitched running stitches to my beautiful beaded dragonflies project. The dragonflies are beautiful. I like to embroider dragonflies. I hand embroidered the word dragonflies (just in case someone couldn't tell they were dragonflies) and then I found this lovely greenish blue darker contrast fabric that went perfectly with my small piece of green watercolored fabric and then the fun began. My fingers hurt from pushing the needle in and out and in and out. The little running stitches haven't really rocked my socks off. Neither has the beading and it takes so long(yes my regular pieces take a long time but I expect them to) I am almost finished and will share it when it is but may not ever do the miniquilt thing again(although I sort of enjoyed it in the beginning, maybe something a little smaller).

Now I know you are surprised to see me complain about embroidery. I can complain about just about everything else in my life but never my embroidery(except of course for juggling which is still juggling in my kitchen and I still don't like it). But making a mini quilt has kind of turned me off the idea of making a real quilt(yes foolishly thought of that as a new avenue for hand embroidery). Hopefully by tomorrow my headeache and my aching fingers will be healed and I will be finished and I can go back to the work I love and leave the beautiful hand embroidered quilts to those who can do it the right way like Spirit Cloth(look at the link on the side) and return to the peace I usually find in my embroidery! Keep stitchin. Stay tuned for dragonflies the miniquilt coming to my blog tomorrow(hopefully).


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Thank you so very much for visiting my blog and what an awesome one you have going here!!
Please drop by for a visit again and I will do the same for you :)
Take good care and.......

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Rabid said...

My grandma's a quilter, and dear goodness...I just can't do it. I had the same idea, that it's basically a canvas begging for hand embroidery. I lack the patience somehow? It confuses me.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

JudyOlson said...

Looking forward to seeing the beautiful dragonflies! I have french knots on the brain ever since you posted your Wisteria handbag, hoping to do something with them.