Friday, March 6, 2009

Ocean Hand Tagging

Ocean Hand
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I've been tagged by the wonderful Lee from Defining Me. I'm doing this from Flickr so I hope it works with the photo which is a blast from the past. 10 Things you don't know about me.
1. I grew up in New Jersey
2. I love NJ and think it is very underrated(we did bring the world Sinatra, Springsteen and Bon Jovi)
3. I don't like Long Island(love the place not all the people too many people).
4. This one is easy I don't like crowds.
5. My real hair is mousy brown.
6. My first dogs name was Suzette.
7. I love to read
8. I love to dance
9. I love to cry at movies(and television shows and sometimes even commercials).
10. I love politics.

I'd like to tag,
Judy from Counting Backwards
Patti at Catskill Paper and
Valaine from Blue Owl Designs.

Sorry I'm still kind of confused about how the hyperlink works and with the photo coming from Flickr I'm all confused so profusely apologizing the three lovely ladies and their beautiful work can be found on the link list.


Painter of Blue said...

I love NJ too. I lived there for many years and was quite happy. This hand is wonderful. You've posted several pictures of hands. I've loved everyone. I'd like to see them all at one time. Is there a link to do that? Someday when I have the resources, I'm going to buy one of your pieces.

lee said...

I am sure I would love New Jersey if I ever get to go there. And dont worry I dont know how to do a hyper link either....Love your hands