Thursday, April 2, 2009


This is Crossing. It is a light blue hand embroidered cross with green accents on green watercolor fabric. I've included a closeup view of the stitchwork also. I love to hand embroider crosses. They make me feel closer to my center and my maker.

Ironically I am a wee bit cross myself today. My poor son is sick with a sore throat ,ear ache and vomiting. My dog is still a little under the weather and of course I am under the weather too. I guess this is one of those times when bad news comes in threes. But I am sure we will all be fit as a fiddle soon.

I'm also not very talkative today, I'm a bit reflective. A good day to embroider. And not a good day for blogging. So I will bid adieu and see you tomorrow (unless of course I am inspired on my travels during my visit to blogland). Keep stitching!


Elizabeth said...

Love your cross and the colours you used. Hope you and the rest of the family are feeling slightly better by now.

Happy Easter holiday.


painter ofblue said...

That is stunning!

JudyOlson said...

How beautiful your stitches are!! Hoping you are all healthy soon. Eat more garlic!