Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crossing's Two

Hopefully this is a much better picture then the last one. I really enjoyed water painting the fabric and hand embroidering this piece and did not think the previous photo did it any justice. Thanks to all the well wishers, still feeling under the weather but able to embroider so I've continued on with my Hand Bag made strictly for myself(the walking billboard idea). Here it is as of today. It was inspired by a trip to the fabric store and a wonderful piece of cotton fabric(which I foolishly didn't buy) with the wonderful color combination. I just happened to buy a lovely brown linen remnant a few weeks ago so I bought embroidery thread in the colors and my walking billboard was born. I love to do hands and since it is a piece for myself I figured what the heck.

I've decided that I will take pictures of my work little by little every day and add them to my blog unless they are so extraordinary that I simply don't want to break the spell by giving too much away. I do a lot of smaller pieces that I don't usually add to my blog but they are a sample of my work and they are designed by me so I'm going to share them too. I enjoy reading blogs with daily illustrations and the process that goes into the making of them(like Spirit Cloth and Drea Dear) so I think I will give that a whirl.

Update on Live, Love, Pray. If you haven't read the book go take it out of your library or buy it perhaps. Wonderful book about a writers search for spirituality, herself and she's funny as hell! Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Watched a whole bunch of movies even those with subtitles(kept me busy while I couldn't embroider) and am opening myself up to other artists in other mediums too. I didn't know I wanted to be(or was meant to be as it turns out) an artist when I grew up so I am fascinated by the inner thinking and processes of artists in general. Oh well, I'm back to embroidering and once again thank you for all your kind words and concern about my health(it's either a really bad cold or the flu).


JudyOlson said...

You stitch so fast! I can't believe it. Wow, I am so impressed. Love Crossing Two! You are such a dear talented person.

tangled stitch said...

So are you Judy! A dear talented friend.

Phyllis said...

I love the hand and the stitching. It is so much fun to see the progression of someone's work and then the finished piece. I hope you are feeling better. Not fun being sick, but I find that during a down time it helps me collect my intersecting thoughts, slow down, and come out more renewed and ready for new things.

drea_dear said...

I've given yo an award! :) Stop by my blog to pick it up. And you'll have an e-mail from me after my afternoon stitch time. I want to finish the lettering before dinner.