Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Friends

When it comes to good friends I am a very lucky woman. Yesterday I went out to lunch with my friend Cheryl. We went to the local brew pub and had a fabulous salad and a fabulous beer. Her daughter and her really nice boyfriend also came and we just had a wonderful time. My friend Cheryl is a glass artist who I found for the coop I belonged to. The coop is long gone and better off forgotten but my friendship with Cheryl is everything the coop was supposed to be. She is so supportive of my work, she lights a match under my overly cautious and overly procrastinating nature and she is a wonderful friend who accepts me just as I am.

I've spoken before about my friend Emily who is a wonderful quilter who makes quilts and donates them(most of the quilts she makes I might add) and is the closest thing I probably will ever have to a sister. She listens to my problems, laughs when I tell jokes and supports me in my quest to be an artist every time we are together.

My friend Debbie from Long Island who I really have to return her call is a wonderful gal. When she's unhappy she cleans and doesn't eat and lets just suffice it to say I don't clean and eat all the time when I'm unhappy. We lost touch for a short while when I moved upstate but now we are in touch again and I can appreciate how much we are alike and how differently we deal with it all!

My friends Sandy, Wendy 1 and Wendy 2 are fabulous neighborhood friends, we go out for dinner and drink to our hearts content and laugh, laugh, laugh. No subject is too tragic to not get a giggle out of us somewhere.

And then there are my wonderful blogging friends, who seem to get the point I'm making even if I do take the long road home explaining it. I've gotten so much positivity from all of you in not so wonderful moments that get me back to embroidering and back to writing on my blog and just putting myself out there for the world to see.

I'm reading Inspiration by Wayne Dyer and when you are feeling a little less then wonderful(we are looking for a new car and I am about up to my eyeballs in aggravation from the differing car shopping styles of myself and my hubby) You are supposed to list what makes you happy and feel inspired. That is where my friends come in of all shapes and styles. They make me feel happy and inspired at the same time.

Now about the piece, this is the back of the Hand Bag. I've been embroidering a lot because it destresses me so hopefully the bag will be done before you know it. Blessings to everyone. Keep stitching.


drea_dear said...

I love the back of your bag. So refreshing-looking. Turquoise and brown is my favorite personal color scheme right now.

BTW, I have the phone number for the chocolate shop, if you want it. I'm pretty sure the truffles all contain liqueur of some kind. I happen to know she'll mail from western Washington to Idaho, so maybe she'll ship to other places, too. :D

JudyOlson said...

I had to laugh about your friend Debbie who cleans and doesn't eat when she's unhappy. I, like you, am just the opposite!! What can we do to change that? LOL

Phyllis said...

What a beautiful handbag this will be. Sounds like you are enjoying good friends as well as stitching. What a perfect combination. I wish I too could clean and not eat when I am stressed, as then it would prompt me to be happy with a clean house and slim figure!

Elizabeth said...

It is great to have friends around to talk with, laugh and have a great time. I'm like Debbie and start cleaning like a madwoman when I'm angry and frustrated. For me it works perfectly, it gives me something good for the negativity I want to get rid of.

This handbag is gonna be beautiful. So I wish you happy stitching hours and I'll see you soon.