Thursday, April 16, 2009

Green/Inspire Me Thursday

This week's topic is green on Inspire Me Thursday. Since green is my favorite color I wanted to participate and chose my green dragonflies mini quilt(or my vague interpretation of a mini quilt anyway). Green always reminds me of new beginnings and I have to be honest when I read the topic I immediately saw Kermit singing it's not easy being green.

I like to use green in my work. On my blog you will see many green pieces, green trees, green hands, green turtles, green crosses, green knit bags. Everytime I want to renew myself or bring myself peace with my work I make something green. When I was young my brother died and for my entire life my mother wore black and I somehow followed suit(although that was probably an issue with my weight more then my grief). But when I moved to this wonderful place in upstate NY which probably is the personification of green I started finding myself and renewing myself in green, with green. When I used to make cross stitch pillows for weddings if I didn't know the color of the bridal party I would make them green because of new beginnings. Green is a neutral color which serves the same purpose as black only much brighter and lighter. I still haven't bought myself a lovely green pantsuit(is there such a thing as a lovely green pantsuit anyway) but I do like to put little glimmers of green and color in my wardrobe.

So the next time you see the beautiful green growth of grass or the green buds on a tree, or a green project that I am working on think renewal and transformation. Green comes along and takes the ugly brown ground and makes it a lovely shade of green. It's a new beginning. A rebirth. And as Kermit would say it's not easy being green but it makes life a lot more wonderful with the green there is in the world.

Keep stitching.


Pink said...

Very cute quilt! :) I love your green philosophy, Debra!!! ♥ Too bad the photo is blur, but I still can see those two lovely dragonflies! :)) hihi..

and yes! Keep stitching! :D

tangled stitch said...

Hi Pink! That blurry crappy picture is the best I can do for that one. I think it's destined to reside in my house(which is good cos it took a really long time to make it).

tangled stitch said...

Just in case wasn't being snarky just honest about the blurry crappy picture. That was the best of the lot. And it's green!

Anonymous said...

looks nice !! wish it was more clear :)

Elizabeth said...

Love your thoughts about green. Whenever I think about green I think of Ireland. Don't ask me why because I have no idea.

In a book I have the dragonfly is a being of the wind of change, the one who gives messages of wisdom from the world of the elements.
That fits perfectly with your green, what a "coincidence".

Have a great weekend.

ELK said...

green is such a wonderful color here!
take a close up too

blossom said...

lovely post.....& thank you for the lovely comment you left at blossom xx

Phyllis said...

I love greens too! What a nice way to greet spring, a lovely piece.

Lori Forester said...

Your green dragonfly quilt is lovely. I am moved by your thoughts on green as a rebirth or renewal. So true. Made me think that I can't wait for spring to really get here. I was thinking yesterday that the grass hasn't turned green yet and none of the trees have budded out yet. The only green I have in my garden so far are som tulip shoots that are doing their best to lighten the mood and say spring is here.
Thanks for you wonderful thoughts they have inspired me.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love green too, I can't beleive I missed this theme on Inspire Me Thursday! I like this green piece and also your handbag...

Anonymous said...

Really like what you've written here about green. Well said!

Anonymous said...

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