Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hand Bag Continued

Hi All! This is the continuation of my hand bag. Thank goodness for embroidery as I am busy, busy, busy doing all kinds of mundane tasks regarding real life. At least I've been able to relax for a short time with my wonderful needles and thread.

My beloved Mets lost their home opener in the beautiful Citifield. Trying not to get too bummed out, it's only the first week of the season. Watched a wonderful special about Marty Brodeur's passing of Patrick Roy and being the best goalie in hockey(he is you know). And watched about photographers and photography on Ovation. That is my favorite television station at the moment. So awe inspiring(and interesting to boot).

Everything else is about the same. Hope you are all happy and peaceful. Keep stitching(hopefully by tomorrow I will have something more interesting to share).


Anonymous said...

Looking good!

mendofleur.com said...

This is coming along beautifully. This sort of stitching simply takes time.

Rich Gardner said...

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JudyOlson said...

The new Citifield is beautiful, I think it's better looking than the new Yankee stadium. I just finished Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth", but I will have to go through it again because I read it kind of fast. Photography is in the NOW, like embroidery and crochet.