Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to one and all! I have no photos of my work in progress to share today and no words really either. I'm pretty exhausted from my trip down to Huntington Long Island(that's for Lynda). I had an excellent time visiting my inlaws and my husband's aunt and uncle and I had a fabulous talk with my aunt, my mother's sister. A time to reflect and enjoy people instead of embroidery for a change.

We traveled down the Taconic, as beautiful a roadway if there ever was one. The trees were not green nor even close to budding and many of them were damaged from the harsh winter weather but still a beautiful inspirational sight. My son was quiet, my dog was even quieter and the music on the radio was great for a change, hardly any clinkers. No traffic anywhere as my husband's family decided to celebrate on Saturday instead of Sunday. So no traffic down and no traffic up on an Easter sunday(wonderfully peaceful day to travel on the road if you can get away with it).

The mountains always inspire me. Since the first time I made the trip as an adult 8 years ago the mountains have called to me. They've inspired me and made me feel my closeness to god and I was inspired to sketch a few crosses for smaller pieces and some other symbols of peace and spirals. I realized while speaking to my aunt that I have really found myself since I moved up here, not only as an artist but as a person. It was wonderful to see her and share the new happy in my own skin me. I was always fragile when surrounded by my family who could protect me from everything including myself. I guess that is what happens when tragedy strikes a family when someone is a child too young to understand such tragedies. I think I have shared the story of my brother's death when I was 6 before and don't really want to go down that trail. If you wish to know more please let me know for another day I'm searching for something to say I'll revisit. But my aunt has always loved me like a fragile thing especially since the death of my parents.

So fragile thing no more, peaceful happy in my own skin me got to have a wonderful discussion with my aunt for a couple of hours. My uncle was asleep and none of the relatives were there(as it was not really Easter) and on my way home from her house I had a feeling my mother was up there smiling. She was a wonderful mother who also protected me as a fragile person. She would be thrilled that I shared the full circle with my aunt. I released her from her worries about me. Lovely, lovely trip. I also told her about my art and my finding myself as an artist. She wants to see some photographs of my work and I will mail them down soon.

Oh well, writing a book again anyway. I hope you had special moments with your loved ones and came full circle as well. Blessings to you and your loved ones and tomorrow I'll share my Hand Bag hopefully with a few more stitches.


JudyOlson said...

The Taconic is beautiful, I haven't had a chance to get down there in a few years. I had to laugh when you said you hadn't any words then wrote a book anyway, touch a certain spot and everything comes pouring out! I'm glad your Aunt got a chance to see you (and you her)

painterofblue said...

I love he Taconic too, very beautiful! Except I'm always nervous about cross streets on a highway!

A book, I think that's a great idea! You should write one. you are great writer... You could use your blog as a base to jump off from. :)