Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No pictures and a little blogging

Ok so I've been so busy embroidering that I don't have any pictures to show you. I finished the outside of the hand bag but can't seem to settle on a lining so it may be a while. I embroidered another cross, a small one but it is not framed yet so perhaps tomorrow. I finished a little turtle that took entirely to long to end up on an eyeglass case so it's in waiting. I sketched a few small pieces waiting to be inspired by a big piece. Got inspired to do a water goddess and then hated the preprinted fabric I intended on using so watercolored a new piece which isn't dry yet. I've been having a ball just being caught up in embroidery and the creative process. But no pictures. If you want beautiful pictures to look at any one of my bloggy friends blogs will do the trick.

Ok so now more about the interviews with Lynda and Sybil. I hope you enjoyed them and learned more about them and their work and their processes. It was wonderful hearing the answers to the questions one always asks an artist about their work. What inspires them, where their art comes from, and how it makes them feel.

Finding out how people feel and think is something I think is so important in life, even when you have to figure out how you yourself feel and what makes you tick. Sometimes the answers come gloriously easy and sometimes they are more complicated. Both this fabulous ladies answered those questions with the ease and complications readily available to the reader. I so enjoyed reading the questions and the answers. Also a call out again to my bloggy friends. Whenever I read their blogs I find questions and answers and inspirations. I'm big on being interested in something before I immerse myself in it. I find all of their blogs so interesting and inspirational and informative. It's a window into the world and into my own heart and thought processes. I think there is so much that unites all of us into one big universe but when we have appearances and voices and other such things we sometimes don't really listen to the words. Words and work from the heart are what makes the blog interesting. Since I've been blogging I try to listen to people in person so much more carefully to. Try to cut away the outside that doesn't really matter and figure out what is inside.

Oh well, too deep tonight. Blessings to all. Keep stitching.


phyllis said...

I really loved your thoughts in this piece, so insightful and true. "Words and work from the heart" is it that we manage to get so far away from truly listening? I think our world bombards us with too many distractions so when you go to a blog to read, one's attention is focused because we have chosen to use our time in this way. Nice insights as always!

Valaine said...

Thank you for this :)

Elizabeth said...

Believe it or not. My blogging days haven't started not too long ago and I already notice the difference in the way I look at people and hear their voice. Never thought that would happen but I'm getting more and more focused. It surprises me because I have been crafting all my life. The difference is that now I show my work to the world and add words too the whole thing. Than I have to release it, set it free.

Well, I'm pondering on.

Have a lovely weekend.


Lynda Lehmann said...

Debra Ann - Again, I find your openness and earnestness, both inspiring and endearing. I love the way you speak from the heart. We need more of this in the world. I admire you for your heart and candor. xxxx :)

Lynda Lehmann said...

PS - I like also, what Phyllis said, that echoes your own thoughts. We let all manner of "junk" distract us, until we drift away from our own essential "humanness." Let's make a blogger's pact to really LISTEN to each other! We will all grow from it.