Thursday, April 9, 2009

Work In Progress

Here are two views of Hand Bag, one from yesterday and one from today. I had some really good stitching time today and will probably stitch some more tonight. I love to stitch. I love to blog too.

The title of this blog post got me to thinking about how most human beings are works in progress. We work on ourselves little by little and try to make the best of one of God's creations. I look back at the last 5 years of my life and then I look back 10 years and then 18 years and I'm not even remotely the same person I thought I was 18 years ago and probably not even the same person as a year ago.

First off my son will be 18 in a couple of weeks(not months, not years but weeks). I still remember carrying him and wondering how I was going to be responsible for another living thing. We bear some responsibility when we marry but when you have a child there are no more sick days(even when they are almost 18). I've been married 22 years. Who would have ever thought that a visit to Club Med in Martinique would bring me to a man who lived less then 2 hours away. Ten years ago, My father had just passed away the year before and my whole life up until then was ripped up into little pieces and shook up in a bag and put together differently(he had been in a coma for 8 months before his death, if that doesn't change a person nothing will). I lived on Long Island was working in a gift shop and making pillows to keep me at home more with my son. 6 years ago I moved upstate and started to find myself. Peace quiet, me, my husband and my son(plus my dog) moved to a quieter more peaceful environment and I had to make new friends and start my little cottage industry all over again. Then 2 years ago I joined the coop and discovered my inner artist and I have been discovering bits and pieces of myself daily since I took on the moniker.

Such an amazing transformation of a life, just my ordinary life, but a transformation of a life. Am I a happier person? Not sure, I am happier and more peaceful when embroidering but the rest of my life still bears a bit of chaos. And you know what that is ok because life is what it is. A journey of peaks and valleys and works in progress. So what is your journey and what is your work in progress?

Thanks for reading and keep stitching!


Sharon Serrano Ahmed said...

That is beautiful put! My oldest son is now 19 and I do remember those intense feelings of wonder and disbelief that this man could be the same little baby. I think most artists, well at least me, use their art as a self-therapy to learn more about our lives and experiences. Congratulations for having the courage to look inside.

painter ofblue said...

I love seeing this piece in progress! I am starting over in a new quieter place as you did. What you wrote about your experience helps me feel more peaceful about everything I'm going through.

Judith said...

Hi there "Tangled Stitch". It is good to put down "deep" feelings. Most people I know are embarassed by "real stuff". As a teacher, I have had interractions with hundreds of children-a privilege really.I too wonder..
Doing some voluntary tutoring of two children, plus paid tutoring for two "lively" boys 8& 10 years. Never raised a child myself- teaching took over my life

Anonymous said...

Yes, life is a "work in progress." said...

As I get older and experience more death with loved ones and see my own life narrowing in terms of years, I wonder why we go about unable to share what is universal and innate. I am beginning to think the world is troubled because most of us are too trapped by sorrow or misfortune. I appreciate your sharing. It helps everyone, including me, to see we all are on the same path and are there for one another in spirit and time.

MargaretR said...

I love that hand! It's fabulous. You also have a way with words that I just love, so I will be putting your blog with my faves.

tangled stitch said...

You guys are blowing me away with your responses. When I started this blog it was an art blog pure and simple but since in reality I'm a bit more of an open book who will say anything to anybody my nature took over. Every time I write something about me I think I take away the mystery. Thanks for reassuring me that sometimes the words from my eccentric nature ring a bell. Blessings to you all and thank you!

Lynda Lehmann said...

Sorry to hear about your dad being so long in a coma. That's traumatic, to say the least.

I'm glad you have found some peace again in your life, even if it's still a bit chaotic. (As you acknowledged, life is always a challenge and a struggle...) And I'm glad you give yourself the space and time for artistic discovery.

Where did you live on Long Island, Debra?