Sunday, May 17, 2009


This is Flamethrower finally finished and matted and framed. It is hand embroidered on watercolored muslin. I am really beginning to enjoy watercoloring the fabric and it adds so much to the piece. At first it was just a way to add interest but now I find it almost almost as creative as the embroidery itself. Funny how something you've never done before changes something you have so entirely. Now I look at pieces that I've done previously on plain muslin and I think they are missing something.

I've also been adding other aspects of embroidery to my pieces such as french knots(my all time favorite) and other details that I love to do. I used to think that the main part of my art was just the hand embroidered main element but now I realize that the little touches some time make the main element pop. Especially the french knots in a contrasting color. Flamethrower has no contrasting elements as the piece itself pops due to the variation of colors I used and I thought any further details might overwhelm the whole piece. What do you think?

I have wonderful news that I forgot to tell you all. My friend Cheryl(she makes beautiful glass beads and stained glass) and I have been accepted into Tight Knit which is an indie event in Troy that runs in conjunction with the Troy Farmer's Market. We are doing 4 Saturdays and Cheryl is so good at her business acumen that I am thrilled to be working with her and learning from her at the same time. If you are in the Troy area and interested in what days we will be there just drop me an email and I'll be happy to tell you the dates. There are a few other things I'm interested in and applying to, I'll let you know more about them when they are finalized.

Oh well that's it for today. Back to work. Happy Stitching.


lee said...

congrats to you and your friend. You piece is beautiful

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on you new successes. I'm glad all kind of new things are fallen in it's right place.

Happy stitching to you too. said...

The colors are beautiful in this. i am happy for you to be doing this sales venue with a friend that knows the ropes and can assist you as well. I wish you much success.