Mighty Sun

This blog entry is a wish and a share! I wish the sun would come out for a little more then a few hours. It's been awfully rainy up here in my neck of the woods. And this is one of my new purses. It is based on Mighty Sun the hand embroidery on watercolored muslin. However it is done with permanent markers and outlined in hand embroidery. I'm trying to see if my designs carry over to a less expensive market. I'm kind of torn by the whole thing as I don't really want to water down my hand embroidered framed pieces but I wonder if my designs will sell on a more consistent basis. Oh well any suggestions would be deeply appreciated and they did seem to get a lot of eye action at the riverfest. I don't think I commented earlier about the Riverfest. I had a wonderful time(until I worked myself into a panic after getting lost in Troy) but it wasn't really a buying crowd. They had bands, and food, and the weather held out for much of the day and I got to hang out with Cheryl all day but as I said the crowd wasn't a buying crowd. Better luck next time I suppose.

Blessings to you and yours as right now I'm going out to enjoy the sun(if it sticks around).


JudyOlson said…
Your sun is beautiful! Just what is needed this week. I found Riverfest in Troy the same as you. Same panic about getting lost (I really don't like all the one-way streets, and how people double-park EVERYWHERE. Wherever there is music, it is bad for artists, different crowd altogether. Art on Lark is now a bad show because of the new emphasis on music, a little last year, a lot this year. I don't know why promoters don't know this...they should just ask me! hahaha. (yes I did give feedback to the Lark Street BID)

Keep on the sunny side!
Deb G said…
I like your bag a lot. I do think it is important to sell things at different prices.
tangled stitch said…
Thanks for the lovely comments. Surprised to hear the same about Art On Lark because of it's name! Should have known what I was getting into!

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