Circles Continued

All my lifes a circle sunrise and sundown. Sung by the wonderful Harry Chapin who I had the honor of seeing in person when I was a teen at a community college. I loved him and bought a few of his albums and oddly enough settled in Huntington Long Island where he was buried. He died on a July 16th in an auto accident the same day I returned from the one week I tried to sell ads for bookcovers about an hour away from where I now live. That trip changed my entire life as the beauty of the area which I now live in was probably seen from a beautiful hairpin turn while during that one week in my crazy job experience thing(I had dozens of jobs before I had my delightful son and retired to stay at home mom).

So what does this have to do with now you are thinking? I can't really kid myself and pretend that I am going to be this great hand embroidery artist. Of course I'll still hand embroider and try to sell them but reality says I have to change course as I can't really even make a part time living trying to sell my embroidery work. And I have a bunch of commitments I can't forget so out come the crochet hooks and knitting needles and I have to change direction again. I guess I'm on the hairpin curve of the craft show circuit. I love to knit and crochet but lately my entire focus has been hand embroidering. So away goes the embroidery needle and out comes a different kind of needle.

Needless to say the craft show was a bust, while everyone else could complain about the economy or the lack of traffic or whatever kept them from making the 100s of sales they make to my one or two I had to face that this is not my path at the moment. Around the time I began to realize this for myself I guess God decided to send me an angel who said(and I kid you not) you need new product girl. She then asked me if I ever sell any of these things and that the latest rage is those 1000 dollar machines that make everyone an embroiderer. I think she had a point. Later she came over and looked at the one knit bag I still have that isn't in a shop somewhere and she told me why aren't you making these? Good question, the answer is I think I am an "artist" but that's not what I told her. I told her I don't know. Actually I do know but my insecurities got me on this one too. I'm afraid to change
especially when I think I'm doing something that is my "calling" but I'm being called to change again . With an angel who's opinion I didn't ask for to boot. So I'll share my new wares and probably a few embroidery projects down the road a bit. Thanks for reading. All my lifes a circle sunrise and sundown. So there it goes!


Anonymous said…
The laws of the universe are responding to your vibrational core so the prerequisites for you doing really well with the offering of something:

You must adore it yourself and you must believe completely in the value of it and the benefit to others.

And when you are there, then those that are looking for the benefit that it offers will flock to it and you'll be right there to welcome them.
JudyOlson said…
"Let's go 'round one more time"!

You are still an artist whether you are making something that hangs on a wall, something of practical use, or just making a bed!

What anonymous said is tough stuff for me. I "must believe in the value of my work and the benefit to others"....actually my work could very well have no value and it may not benefit anyone. Art is a funny thing. I wish I could come up with something that would benefit others...

Good luck Deb in your search to find the right path, we are on similar journeys.
Anonymous said…
(It's a long post, but written to your heart, right from my passion...)
I think I agree with both of the above comments, but different. We are ALL struggling in a business that isn't a life necessity (like a baker or auto mechanic), and it's REALLY hard for art right now, but what we do has a different value. We uphold the value of creating something unique, the visual telling of a story, or conjuring a story picture with our stitches-- and stories are more important then EVER when people are down, or suffering, or bored, or just "looking". Anon is right in that you have to hone your product, respond to trends, but you must indeed be passionate (I mean about your TOOLS, your PROCESS) and then repeat repeat repeat until the value at the core, the passion at the core is revealed. Only harnessing the thing that drives you will see you through the slumps. And once you reveal and harness your passion, you are unstoppable -- you shout from the roof! I tell my students "groom your shpeel" -- that is, be on FIRE about what you create, and HOW you create it, and TELL THE STORY well, share your passion, and people WILL come from miles to see.
What I see in your work, and in your doubts is PROCESS! Recognize this and as you said: re-examine, shift, grow, but NEVER let process chaos send you squealing off the hairpin of working -- instead focus your energy on tools, designs, a subject, or series -- let CONTROL of your process propel you right around the corner!! And make doors. Everyone you meet is a potential client, or knows someone who could be, if you see with well researched eyes, dig into tools that excite you, make work with passion, and share your story, you will MAKE opportunity. I believe SO strongly in your vision, in your style -- I sense you are just lost in process and off balance. It's time to put process (ideas, energy, tools) to work FOR YOU!! I just know you're going to come out on the other side... with something great!
tangled stitch said…
Thank you for your comments. I've gone off the deep end and am back on the way up. I will never give up my embroidery(although I think I will concentrate on extraordinary as a dear friend who's opinion means a lot once told me, wink, wink) but I am so enjoying the feel of the yarn and the ideas just keep popping into my head. So a little wee break from my beloved embroidery. I'm still working on my framed pieces for a little less time then before and I totally enjoy the process and the product. And all those little hand embroidered chackis are waiting for those who will buy them eventually. But even though I enjoyed the process of embroidering them I haven't really been enjoying the product myself. Soooooooo. Thanks once again for your wonderful responses and I'm doing better today.

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