Circular Hand

Hi All! I'm in the midst of a 2 day craft show at the Albany Shaker Museum(stop in if in the neighborhood) and it is wonderful to be around friends. It is my favorite craft show in the world because I know so many wonderful people from the craft shows and volunteering during the holiday season. Unfortunately it isn't going very well on the business side of the blackboard. Lately I'm wondering if I am on the wrong life path. I love to hand embroider, I still love, love, love doing framed pieces such as hands, trees, flowers(since I have a black thumb in the real garden)but whatever I am selling people aren't buying. It seems to be a common trend among all of us artist/crafters that business is down but it still can be a bit of a letdown. But then again what else could be on the horizon? The job market is slim to none. I can't possibly work any harder then I have been(lots of small projects) so back to the hand.

I love to embroider hands, because as in the case of fingerprints every single hand is different. Different colors, different themes, and a wonderful peaceful feeling when the embroidery needle is in my hand making a hand. Perhaps that alone is my fascination with the hand, because at the moment my hands are my most treasured important part of my body.

I am reading yet another sell your crafts book and I wrote myself this excellent mission statement. Really excellent, I said my mission is to make things that speak for me or to me. I think my hands do both, but my brain gets lost in translation. Because whether I am making a hand or a cross or a flower I can get so lost in my work and feel so at peace but when I have to talk with my mouth or god forbid try to sell it I'm not able to(which is highly ironic because as long as something isn't attached to me I'm a damn good salesperson). It's a theme I guess for those who read my blog on a regular basis. I am always the crazy lady at the craft show with the foot in her mouth. But whatever.

I guess what I'm really looking for is some answers in my brain that tell me that my heart can relax about. That I'm on the right life path because the making is so darn blissful(and that is rule #1 in the sell your crafts book) and that the selling really isn't the point(although my husband would probably beg to differ). Blessings to you if you read all the way through. Any advice would be appreciated.


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