Just Words Again

I have pieces to take pictures of I just haven't taken them yet so stay tuned. The craft show saga continues with no tears and a little more optimism but still not my day. I had a lot of lookers and a few people took cards and asked about prices and there were less people today then there were last week(a lot less). So although still haven't validated my life path, I had a great creative time knitting and crocheting all week. I made a couple of cute bags. I'm loving working with texture and color and chaos my favorite trio. My friend Cheryl did pretty well today, she makes the most beautiful glass work which in my opinion is the perfect gift for anyone as it is lovely and funky and delicate and well just lovely. She's also got this craft show thing and marketing her work thing down pat. I was hoping she would rub off on me but as of now all she does is inspire me greatly and give me hope that you can do something you love and make it profitable.

I whittled my wares down to a bin and a half and my work looks better with room to look and I highlighted my framed pieces and knit and crochet bags(which I may have mentioned used to be my favorite thing in the world until I got bit by the hand embroidery bug). And lots of people looked, maybe they were a bit too pricey for them to buy but they looked which is something. I'm having wonderfully creative ideas for my next bag and Cheryl said I should look into wall hangings too. All I know is I'm having fun and still working on my jewel colored hand on watercolored fabric too. I love to do them too!

I'm in flux and working hard so apologies for not being very blogative lately. I love to blog so will try to be more creative so I don't have too many more just words blogs. Thanks to all my bloggy friends and I hope things are fabulous and prosperous for you. Some of my favorite blogs are on vacation or hiatus so hopefully soon we will all have more inspiration and blogginess. Blessings to all!


JudyOlson said…
I wish we were doing a show together somewhere!! I know they have room at Colors of Fall Festival in Glens Falls on Sept 26th. Speaking of shows, the unthinkable has happened, the Sharon Springs Garlic and Craft festival has been canceled due to lack of vendors!! Many crafters are just cutting back due to poor sales. So now I need a show for Sept 19th.

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