Something New

Hi All! Hope you are all well and happy! This is one of the new crochet bags I've been making and the most experimental. I am still enjoying crocheting and knitting and I'm getting all these wonderful ideas from friends and the universe alike. I'm also still working on my jeweltone circle hand from a few posts ago.

I've made a decision to go for it. To try to express myself through my work and focus on things I love to do. Instead of playing spider solitaire for hours(which became my form of escape over the past few months)I'm crocheting, knitting or embroidering. Kind of decided if I can't make it as a business doing what I love and making work that I love that I might as well do it as a hobby and get a real job. I've kind of given myself to the end of the year(or even a little longer) to make it or break it. In the fall I'm going to try Etsy and also if you read my blog and want to purchase something just email me and I'll give you the specifics.

I've moved a few of my blog friends who haven't posted in a while. I still check them when I post to my blog and will move them back up as soon as they return to inspire me again. I am so inspired by all of the blogs on that I have links for. At times I look forward to reading them more then I look forward to writing on my own blog. I'm working on an artist statement and a mission statement. Going to get back to the Julia Cameron book now that things have calmed down on the homefront. The book about perserverance. She is such an inspirational writer and artist and she makes me look at the discipline of art and not just the act of it. For a few years I wrote morning pages every day but along with many of the good disciplines in my life I kind of let it lapse. Perhaps I will share my progress on the Artist's Way on my blog so I will be more diligent in following it.

Oh well, thanks and to Judy from Counting Backwards I would love, love, love to do a craft show with you. It would be loads of fun!


JudyOlson said…
The bag is creative and lovely! Best wishes for success and happiness ahead.
Lynda Lehmann said…
I love the colors you have chosen for the bag! It's very pretty.

I've read "The Artist's Way" and also grapple with the idea of whether or how much to focus on the money-making part of it--but I would do the art and writing for the love of it, anyway, so financial gain is secondary for me. I"m fortunate that I don't need to earn enough to pay the mortgage, because that day is a LONG way off!

I'm glad you're feeling inspired. I hope you do more shows and get "out there" as much as possible. Never let go of your dreams!

P.S. - As we grow older, it's harder to be disciplined, with all the problems, challenges, and distractions of everyday life. You're not alone in that!
tangled stitch said…
Thank you both for the wonderful comments. Feeling much better just creating for a while!

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