Friday, July 31, 2009

A Tree

This is a hand embroidered tree that I made last fall and only framed this week. I worked on a few new pieces which are also in this bunch of photos but the tree spoke to me. So hence I decided to share it tonight. I love trees. I love to look at them with or without leaves and they speak to me. They tell me how I can look at 10 of them standing next to each other and notice the uniqueness of all of them. When I embroider trees I try to remember that. Trees are very strong but can be easily broken under the right conditions. They get sick, they bear fruit, they give us shelter and when they are broken they can be chopped up and give us warmth or even a house. They also give us paper. Today as I was getting into my car I looked at a tree near my driveway with a scar where a branch had been taken off either in the ice storm this winter or because it was damaged. The scar looked like a scab and made the tree look like a human or at least signified it was a living being. Sometimes when it is very quiet I can hear an owl who must live in the trees by my home although to this day I have never seen the owl only listened to it. It is amazing how trees nurture our souls and other living things.

I spent a lot of this week framing old pieces unframed and lining my closet purses. Those pieces were made at a different place and time that although quite unique were not quite ready to be shared with the world. I think I am ready to share them and go for the dream I had a few years ago to make one of a kind pieces. To show my uniqueness like the trees do. So stay tuned there is more work to come both new and old and ready to bud and bear leaves! Keep stitching.

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