Holes/Inspire Me Thursday

I was going to use my black hole called Hope for my Inspire Me Thursday entry but decided that my current project with a hole prominently in the middle of the hand(which will permanently stay there)is even better. First off this post is an homage to Drea from Drea Dear who has delighted me every weekend with her works in progress. She's a fabulous stitcher so go take a look.

The name of this piece is circular hand and it was inspired by the most perfect watercolored bullseye right in the middle of the palm(thence the hole). It was always going to be a handful of circles but it's not very often when the fabric has something to say about the design and sure enough it was Kismet to have that circle right where it is.

I guess I've come full circle myself since the first time I shared this hand. Another day another crafty artist show thing. No sales but something remarkable happened anyway, people commented and admired the work I want to do. Now an $85.00 embroidered hand may not be the first thing on anybody's shopping list but it was enough that it was looked at and commented on and even a few wows. I have a feeling for now that will have to suffice me until people have enough cash to actually start buying hand embroidered hands and pink funky crocheted bags. Now I have the next month off to continue to fill up my table, fill up my reserve of self esteem and take care of myself and my family before the next crafty artist thing. Because as I've realized with all the tears and insecurity it is important to take care of what is important(including hand embroidered hands and funky pink crocheted bags) and not get so unhappy that I miss the forest for the trees.

Now to bring this concept full circle before leaving, hand embroidery and using luxurious yarns to create one of a kind pieces makes me w"hole". A few weeks back some anonymous poster answered my pity party with a make something useful for a purpose and if the only purpose my hands and purses serve is to make me a more peaceful happy person or to give a hand embroidered hand enthusiast a smile then so be it. Thank you to anonymous your post made me think and in thinking of why I do what I do I found it's purpose(now if I could just find the purpose in selling it).Blessings and happy stitching.


marina said…
what beautiful works you do with embroidery.
I really like the hand :-).
gorgeous colours you are using. Have you thought about selling your hands on Etsy instead of going to Craft Fairs? I have set up an Etsy shop but not got around to putting anything on it yet but it seems like it could be a good way of reaching a very large audience. All the best with your sales!Moira
drea_dear said…
I'm catching up on my blogs, and I find you talking about me! ;) You have no idea how YOU thinking about me while you stitch touches me. I like the idea of keeping a hole open in your hands - to me it lets the blessings through. And if you're not enjoying doing something for a "profit", then do it for yourself and pass the blessings on. That's my motto this week. :) Also, the hole reminds me that I cannot control everything. I can put it up for sale, I can make the site pretty, but I can't make the buying decision. That would be counterproductive. LOL (HUGS) to you, your work is beautiful as always.

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