Going around in circles. That is what I feel like lately. Having a ball(or a circle) crocheting and knitting my way through the house. Tumultous life everywhere else. Too much to go into(although it is the reason for my infrequent posts)so we'll talk about the feel of the yarn and the fun of making circles from beautiful textures of color into a lovely scarf . I'm working on another scarf which is a long and winding road of color and I've made a few small bags and a few large ones too. More photos of work to come. Last week I took photos of everything new on a black velvet background to showcase the colors and textures, unfortunately the black velvet made everything look very dark(to match my mood of course)so I will get my work together on my dining room table and take new pictures soon.

Don't get me wrong I am one very lucky woman, I have fabulous supportive friends and it's amazing what a ball of yarn and some cool music in the background can do but things are still a little crazy over here and I have the giant circle of a world on my shoulders. Only as an explanation for my infrequency and hopefully now that fall is here and all the parts are moving my mood will move with it.

If you are in the neighborhood come and see me at the Albany Shaker Museum this upcoming weekend and you can stop in and see my work at the Katbird Shop and Artcetera. Blessings to all. See you soon.


Elizabeth said…
You will get were you wanna be. A process of transformation asks before it gives. Hang in. You will be alright.
JudyOlson said…
What/where is Artcetera?

If I don't see you tomorrow, good luck at Shaker!
drea_dear said…
Circles are a wonderfully difficult thing to recreate in any art form. And you've brought them from embroidery to yarn. They're beautiful - whatever you're supposed to learn from them!
tangled stitch said…
Thank you lovely ladies!

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