Finding My Way

Twisting, turning, blowing in the wind. This is where I am at the moment and this scarf kind of says it all, it is twisting, winding and I'm sure it would blow in the wind. A not so long blowing in the wind scarf. Today I was at Albany Shaker and another show no sales, but lots of great commentary, really great commentary on my work, my new work. The work I love to do. As I go through another craft show wondering if I want to keep on going, the answer is yes. After having to explain to my hubby why once again I was not going to make doggie sweaters(my hubby has been telling me to make doggie sweaters for years, perhaps a doggie scarf, or perhaps not) I realized I love what I do, I love the feel of the yarn, I love the meditative quality of the needles(or crochet hook, or embroidery needle). I love the painsticking details and having something come out of my twisty, turny brain instead of someone elses. It's not really about profit to me. It's truly just self expression and while I'm typing these words I realize that is why I find it so impossible to explain what I do and why I continue to do it. Whimsical was one of the lovely comments and if I had to pick one adjective I love it's whimsical. I love the whimsy of others also(as you can see by my bloggy friends and their inspirations). Another said she could tell by my work that I love what I do because it says me the colors and shapes were all my own. I loved that comment too. It's nice to be understood in spite of myself. Perhaps if I remember those lovely comments and the comments of my bloggy friends I will find my way on my winding, twisty, premenopausal, post stay at home mom existence. Blessings and thanks to all, especially Cheryl and Judy(counting backwards) as to know both these lovely and successful women in person is truly one of life's greatest gifts.


Phyllis said…
I really love the direction you are going. Yes, sometimes it can't be about profit or maybe it never should be. Doggie sweaters are probably big sellers, but if they don't inpire or energize you, then what is the point? Keep on going with these wonderful pieces. Twisting and turning is obviously a good path for you right now. I also love you circles too.
Deb G said…
What a great scarf this is! Good to know you are finding your way.
Lynda Lehmann said…
Beautiful work, Deb! I love it.

Please remember, we are all just finding our way. Those of us who have creativity to buoy us are fortunate to have little lights shining along our paths...

Let's keep creating!

Sorry I haven' been around lately. I've been all but severed from my blogging and art life, by the work on this house!

Hope all is well by you. :)

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