Monday, September 14, 2009

More twisting and turning

Hi All! This is my newest scarf, I'm calling it a brown lariat at the moment. I worked on this scarf during the Albany Shaker Museum craft show. I didn't do very well yesterday either but I love to make what I make and do what I do so I'll keep at it and maybe try it out at Katbird Shop and Artcetera. And I am in the Albany Shaker Christmas craft show which is the greastest experience ever. I also volunteer there during Christmas and it really puts you in the Christmas spirit. It also allows me to visit the Albany Shaker Meeting house which has such a spiritual feeling to it. It's across from Albany Airport and it runs from the end of October thru the week before Christmas. More certain dates when it gets closer to the show.

I am working on renewing my health and getting back to an exercise program. I've been on the meditarrenean diet which I love for a little less then a month. I think I've lost a bit of weight but I'm not really concerning myself with that at the moment, I'm trying to regain the strength and energy that seemed to be lacking as of late. It appears to be working even through my midlife crisis. My pants are a little looser and I'm able to sit comfortably with my legs tucked under myself(a small victory but a victory just the same).

My son is embracing college and I think he enjoys it a bit more(although he says he doesn't). So many changes in such a short period of time. But I'm working to embrace my changes and hopefully he is working to embrace his. I'll be back soon with more scarves and bags to share(maybe even a hand embroidered piece). Blessings to all.


JudyOlson said...

I love these browns. I also love the tone of this post, you just sound good! Wishing you a wonderful week, happy stitching, and thanks for the way-too-kind words in your last post.

Phyllis said...

I think your scarf is wonderful with rich Fall colors. Embracing change is a good sign of growth although not an easy transition. I think Fall is helpful in that it encourages a change or shift in thinking as we embrace a new season and time.

Laura said...

Hi! I've been away over a week and am catching up. I really like both this one AND the last one you posted. Great colors!

tangled stitch said...

Thank you Judy, the storm has passed. Thanks Phyllis finally getting used to the transition and howdy Laura, how are you? I hope you are find and happy and creative!