Albany Shaker Holiday Show

The photograph accompanying this post is Water Goddess, its hand embroidery on watercolored fabric with Kantha stitching surrounding it(which I tried because of my fondness for Spirit Cloth and Bee Creatives wonderful work). The Kantha stitching really made the water goddess pop so thanks to those two wonderful inspiring ladies. The Water Goddess is now residing in the Albany Shaker Museum for the holiday show which runs from October 31st to December 19th. There are so many lovely crafters, even more then last year and such wonderful wonderful work. My friend Cheryl(the lady's got glass) has beautiful bowls and vases and the most extraordinary ornaments. My friend Pat has beautiful jewelry made from precious metal clay, my friend Karen is there with her beautiful hand knit children sweaters, my friend Becky(from Purl One and Purl two) is there with her beautiful felted purses(I hate to felt and love to see her beautiful wares). Well I guess you get the idea that you can find really beautiful gifts there that are handmade by real people(hooray). The ladies who volunteer there are fabulous and welcoming also, it's a joy to work with them too. The holiday show is open from 10 to 4 daily (closed on Sunday) and 30% of the proceeds goes to the Shaker Heritage Society to keep the museum and grounds open. So if you are in the area of Albany Airport in beautiful Albany NY follow the signs and take a look. You won't be disappointed.

While I'm talking up my sales outlet if you are in Schenectady at the beautiful Proctors or having lunch in any of the wonderful restaurants there don't forget the Katbird Shop(also chock full of beautiful handmade items and antiques too), if you are at LoPorto in Troy or any of the other restaurants there check in on Artcetera on 4th Street and if you are in Saratoga take a look at the New Leaf Gallery, it opened this summer so if you haven't been there recently take a trip. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Once again whereever you call your home, try the little galleries and gift shops where people sell what people make. I know that perhaps the prices are a wee bit higher then Walmart but once again the only way to cure our economy is to shop in the little stores and KEEP THEM OPEN! Not just that but there is such a difference in the quality of the work and the uniqueness of the gift you will give. Blessings to all! Hope to see you in any of these wonderful hand made galleries!


JudyOlson said…
I see the rain today didn't dampen your spirits! I will get down to Shaker sometime soon. Best wishes for a very happy and successful season.
Becky said…
So nice to see you yesterday. Many thanks for the kind words.Here's to a great show and wonderful season. We do have fun don't we?
lee said…
I love to shop locally,...I like to promote the small owned business. I love esty for that reason

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