Cute Little Purse

This is one of the cute little knit purses I made for the Albany Shaker Holiday Show which starts this weekend. I love to make them and bead them and yes even line them. I think I'm going to make some for the Katbird Shop and New Leaf Gallery.

Busy, busy, busy is the word. I won't be able to completely relax till I am set up on Wednesday and on my home. But I am enjoying the making much more then I was earlier this year. They say the way to abundance is to do what you love and somewhere it became more about something else(like money). I love what I do but when you try to put a price tag on something you love, it becomes something other then something you love. But the love and joy of creativity is back and we'll see where that leads to.

Hope you are having a very stitchy day. I'm finally feeling better this evening after my sinuses went haywire. I'm eating so well I thought my immune system was working better so I stopped the Nasonex. Well after a few days of sinus hell having to use a decongestant, Claritan and saline nasal spray, the Nasonex is back. Have a great night see you soon.


Elizabeth said…
Hej Debra Ann,

You are really busy. Hope you will have a great show. Today I put some links in my posts about the power of money women earn. If your interested you know were to find me.

Have a lovely day filled with stitching.
JudyOlson said…
Love the little purse! Have fun setting up at Shaker, another place I will have to get myself to soon!
Deb G said…
That is a "cute little purse!" All your purses are great. :)
tangled stitch said…
thanks my bloggy friends!
awww that is very cute; soft. you are so talented in this way. it would make a great cell phone holder.
Anonymous said…

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