The Mediterranean Diet

What a joy! I've been to Weight Watchers dozens of times and frankly was a Weight Watchers reject. I tried South Beach but I couldn't live without my pasta and bread and cereal. I love vegetables, not so much fruit. So after I turned 50 and my body told me it was 50 I had to think of something, so I looked on line and tried to find the pros and the cons. There are lots and lots of pros which increase every single day and no cons that I can find. It's been 2 months and I'm still on it 95% of the time(a new world's record) and I've lost about 10 pounds(11 at the Y and 9 at the doctor) in a month and probably lost weight before the Y and the doctor(I stopped weighing myself when I reached a certain number). I eat all the pasta I want, lots and lots of vegetables which probably cuts down on the pasta without me even knowing it. Delicious whole grain bread, olive oil a little fish, almost no meat, a little cheese(or a lot of cheese mostly to put on pasta or in a salad) My skin is clear and soft and even my alligator feet(my feet not the alligator) are soft and smooth. I guess you could say I love it, the diet and my feet.

Since I'm making a vow to myself to blog everyday and the aftereffects of not sleeping for a couple of days I haven't done anything creative so I thought I'd share my diet with you. It's fabulous even if you hate diets and usually fail when you're on one. Dr. Oz loves it too, or so I've heard. So that's the story, hopefully will be back with a more creative blog tomorrow!


lee said…
I hear about WW I to have tried it so many times, I am ashamed to go back. I am going to research the Med diet, sounds like all the things I like.
tangled stitch said…
Lee try it. It works so well and I am never hungry(ok almost never hungry).
I visit your blog for the fiber fun stuff, but this was a great find! Thanks for the tip. I will look into this.

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