News and Passion

Passion! That is the name of this piece and the perfect beginning for my news of the day. Passion resides at The Katbird Shop until someone decides they must bring Passion home. The Katbird Shop is located on Liberty Street in Schenectady a little bit away from the restaurant Pinhead Susans(delicious food by the way).I will be giving a class on crochet on Wednesday October 21st at 1:00. It is a beginner crochet class and I will teach single crochet and double crochet (and of course the chain stitch without all else would be futile) and the student will put those stitches into their own scarf(bring your own yarn 2 skeins and a size H crochet needle). I'm recommending inexpensive worsted weight for the class because although the students will go home with a scarf the first project is always the trickiest. The cost is $25.00 and if you are interested in attending you can call Kathy at the Katbird Shop at (518)381-1671. I also brought Kathy some lovely scarves and bags and am adding new work all the time.

I have also found a new outlet for my work in Saratoga Springs. The New Leaf Art Gallery and Boutique located at 30 Beekman Street. They will be selling my bags and scarves. It is a lovely location in the historic Beekman Street location. There are other galleries on the street and a lovely restaurant if you are in the neighborhood.

I dropped off some new bags to Debra at Artcentric which is located on 4th Street in Troy. I will also be in the Albany Shaker Christmas Show which opens in just a few weeks.

I have added a link to my friend Cheryl's website The Lady's Got Glass. I have wanted you to see her beautiful work for ages but she just recently put up her own website, her work is beautiful and she is passionate about what she does. Her website is in the beginning stages but it does show you how talented Cheryl is and tells you where she will be showing her work(Cheryl also has her work at Katbird Shop and Artcentric along with other beautiful galleries).

Also my friend Judy(counting backwards) has her work in Artique a new coop in Clifton Park. She takes the most beautiful photographs and makes crocheted Yarmulkes.

Finally the passion has returned. I am keeping myself sooooooo busy with crochet and embroidery so that is the reason my entries have been slow for the last few weeks. I am so getting into the texture and color of the crochet and knitting and I'm having a wonderful time making new things. I've decided to dwell on the passion of creating and let the marketing and sales things take care of themselves. I was so worried about the profit margin that I was losing the love of what I did over the summer. So I can't live without my love of yarn and thread and color and texture so I'll let go and let God so to speak.

Thanks for stopping in. I've added links to all of my work venues and important friend sites. Give them a look!Keep stitching.


JudyOlson said…
Oh my goodness! Good luck with your class, New Leaf, and everything else you've got going on! It all sounds wonderful.
Phyllis said…
Wow! It sounds like you have some wonderful things going on in your life. That is great, and I am so happy to read about this. Lucky those students who get to take your class.
jude said…
nice to hear you are so upbeat!

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