Friday, November 20, 2009

The Katbird Shop

I recently went to drop off some work at the Katbird Shop and took some lovely photographs. The first photograph is the wonderful owner Kathy and her beautiful cat Ophelia. I also took a photo of Roger but unfortunately he was too blurry to be appreciated. Kathy has owned the Katbird Shop for 4 years and has a wonderful mix of unique and beautiful art and antiques. She is located on Liberty Street right down the road from Pinhead Susans a great tavern like restaurant. She is a wonderful store owner to deal with(the tops really) and if you are looking for a unique gift The Katbird Shop is the right place to go.

The second photograph is my display. Some of the pieces probably look familiar as some of them have graced this blog before gracing the beautiful shelves of the Katbird.

The third photograph is the work of my friend Cheryl. She is a fabulous glass artists and makes beautiful vases, bowls, ornaments and soap dishes. And Kathy sells beautiful hand made soap to place on these soap dishes.

The next photo is the bird, a beautiful piece of pottery which sings to me every time I visit the Katbird. I know she will look beautiful on someone's shelf(perhaps even my own). There is a photo of some paintings and bags that are to die for. And finally here is some of the beautiful jewelry which catches my eye every time I am there. So unique and some of the jewelry is made by a lovely lady right here in Clifton Park.

So there is the virtual tour which really does not do the Katbird Shop justice, so next time you are in Schenectady or the Capital region don't forget to visit. You will find unique gifts for even the most persnickety relative or friend during the Christmas holidays.

See you soon, keep stitchin!


lee said...

The store looks really nice, and your work looks amazing

JudyOlson said...

Love the cat! Your work looks great all together, Cheryl's too. No, I wasn't at Artique yesterday, my next day there will be Wednesday the 26th.

Patti Gibbons said...

nice shop. I need a shop like that for my cards. All of the little boutiques that I have had my work in eventually go belly up :(

All we need is more time.....more time...more time.....;in the studio of course!

Phyllis said...

Your display looks great. Wish I could stop in and really take it all in. I love the gorgeous cat.