Another Christmas Present for me!

Well I hope this Christmas holiday was everything you wished it to be! The three of us had a wonderful time, full of fun, food and togetherness. I'm already back on my Mediterranean lifestyle. The amazing thing about this diet is that the minute you stray you pay for it. Easier to eat healthy then to eat unhealthy. I received wonderful gifts from the hub and the son. They know me so well, some gift certificates to Borders and Michaels and a CD. To read, to craft, to listen life's wonderful pleasures.

I am working on an embroidery piece for a new adventure so I can't share it at the moment, but I put it away for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and made myself some matching mittens to match my favorite scarf and mittens. I'm gonna make a hat someday too, just not right now. Before these I hadn't made mittens in years, maybe decades. The first one took so long but the second went much faster. I knit it on 4 doublepointed needles and I cannot count how many times my stitches fell off in the beginning but all in all it was a very enjoyable undertaking and made the time in between the hecticness of putting together a holiday by yourself much more enjoyable.

Before Christmas but since we chatted last, I had a wonderful lunch with Cheryl at my favorite place Panera. It was wonderful to see her and spend some time with her at the holidays. We also went to Artique the next artist coop in Clifton Park where we were lucky enough to see my bloggy friend Judy. She has a wonderful spot and her work is to die for and luckily upon luckily we were able to see her. She looks wonderful! It was so nice to see good friends and be inspired during the busy, busy, busy days before the holiday. And if you happen to be in Clifton Park please go check out Judy's display. Her lovely photographs were beautiful!

Not much else to write. Have a couple of projects in the camera and out of the camera to share after the new year. Will try to post in the meantime but just in case, Happy New Year and a healthy wonderful, creative, abundant new year and new decade to all of you!


Deb G said…
Your mittens are awesome! I just bought more sock yarn today.... I love your bags, but you might be on target about style and retailing.
JudyOlson said…
Love the mittens! Maybe we can have a small knitting in the round class? I tried a circular needles project recently and the work ended up on the wrong side, even though I thought it was impossible to twist it once you got going. The piece was 3 inches long and then all of a sudden it was on the wrong side. Does this happen with dp needles too?
Phyllis said…
I would love to have these mittens! The gifts you were given would have warmed my heart as well. Books are always at the top of my list too!

I really love to knit, but I am trying to finish my husbands sweater and will not take on anything else, knit-wise until that is done.

Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing your projects for the new year. You always have something fun to see. (I really love the bags that you have made.)
very sweet. and love the purse below. I am going to check out that diet you mentioned!

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