Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all! After reading all the wonderful blogs I follow (and now follow on my blog dashboard) the general theme seems to be action(thanks Dale Ann), realization(thanks Patti), and creativity(thanks everyone). To me all these themes mesh together as moving forward, constantly. Resting only to gain enough energy to keep moving forward. I have been realizing lately that I waste too much time thinking or not trying to think. I think in the New Year it is time to take action and to become creative at everything. Making my home reflect more accurately how I feel today rather then how I felt yesterday. To take the creative pieces I'm not quite fond of and either change them or find a way to get rid of them. To appreciate the quality of mind and body when I am feeding the muse. To move my art and my business forward and to take care of the vessel I live in so it will serve me to be with my family as long as possible.

A very important part of feeding the muse is reading the wonderful blogs that inspire me. Be it the embroidery blogs, art quilt blogs, recycle and reuse blogs or blogs that just warm my heart to read. I tried to list them but there are qualities in all the blogs I follow that warm my heart and inspire me(so give yourself a hug). So whenever I am tired or want to stop taking action I will read your blogs and be inspired. It's also a very supportive community because whether comments are left or not, it is amazing how united we all are in the blog community and how it helps us to feel connected. Especially for the artist part of me, as making art is by necessity a rather solitary undertaking.

As far as the other actions I must take, I have started to organize, I am pretty happy with the Mediterranean diet and I have been embroidering and thinking a lot about my business( I know thinking but it's business it has to be thought of). So thanks to all my bloggy friends you can find the blogs I follow on my dashboard(hopefully) soon I will have them updated and organized in links on my blog page. Blessings and hopes for a very productive, creative and most of all joyous new year!


Phyllis said…
Happy New Year! Yes, it think so many people are heading in a mutual direction. Blogs are so inspiring. And I think we all have a very great support system as you said because I think the majority of us work in solitude or isolation most of the time. It will be a fun year to see where we all are headed with our goals and hopes and dreams.
INDEED!! I too am constantly inspired & boosted by my web friends, their comments (thankyouverymuch), and their journeys! Hoping for the best year yet for us ALL!!
painterofblue said…
Happy New Year to you too! I wish you all the best and much creative satisfaction in the new year. xo

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