Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A heart felt thank you!

Thanks to everyone for the very thoughtful comments about the blog post regarding my mother. It meant so much to me, you will never know how much. Sometimes when I write a blog post I wonder if I am saying too much. When I started blogging it was mostly an art blog to promote my work, but I know I enjoy reading blog posts where people share their lives so I've started to write about my life too. Some posts are easier then others, Sunday's blog post wasn't very easy. So thanks once again for the overwhelming response. Thanks for the comments about my heart piece also.

One post in particular really meant a lot to me and that was my Cousin Sal's post. He was my mother's godchild and she loved him very, very much. He has always been a special presence in my life as he and his sister LuAnn used to spend summers at my house. As I was thinking about his post I remembered how LuAnn(who I adored and looked up to, very cool even at 10)used to make me her partner in crime. If she would have told me to jump off a bridge I would have(luckily she didn't). I remembered two instances in particular when she used me as her accomplice in her plan to drive her older brother crazy. There was the time when I was about 9 and she made me say to my then 14 year old cousin, that he was an iguana who liked to suck lily pads. He was so angry and she couldn't stop laughing. I of course had no idea what I was saying(rather naive in my younger years). Then there was the time I stayed at their house and on one sunday morning we were supposed to take the bus to mass which was a good twenty or so minutes away, and Sal went in to go to the bathroom and we were supposed to let him know when the bus came. Well LuAnn said let's not tell him and we proceeded to get on the bus and go to mass without him. He did make it for communion but just barely. That was the only time I ever saw LuAnn get in trouble for anything. There are so many wonderful memories of my cousins and my brother when we were young creating havoc for our parents. Wonderful, wonderful memories. And I thought since I have no art to share today and I wanted to thank you all for your thoughts maybe I'd give you a giggle at least. I hope Sal has a giggle too.

Speaking of working, I have been trying something new. I am working on a quiltlet. It's not nearly finished and I don't want to share it until it's done. I have been using Kantha stitching in it and stitching in that way is very meditative and makes time fly by. It was really a very wonderful soulful way to spend the beginning of the new year. I'm working on smaller pieces too so your comments on the framed sun heart piece were wonderful to read and very supportive of a new direction.

Thanks once again for your comments. They really did mean so much to me.

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lee said...

Thats so funny about your cousin. It made me remember my cousins, they are all grown up and we all live in different places, and there parents have passed on, and we have lost touch, but we always had good times with them....I might try to find them again. The idea of quiltlet is great...they are very marketable right now or so I have heard from quilting friends.