Hand embroidery on watercolored fabric.

This piece originally was meant to be a cross, but as my friend Cheryl commented a lot of my crosses end up being something other then their original intention. It was originally supposed to hang vertically and now I think I like it more horizontally. I guess it is a true symbol of an intersection. Some times we travel along in a straight line knowing exactly where we are going, some times we travel along and turn where we are supposed to but the most interesting travels we have are when we come to an intersection with no specific direction intended. These intersections happen during travels, in our work life and during our lifetime.

I have taken the road to a different outcome many times. Sometimes they are just necessary experiences along my life path and sometimes they are complete detours where I just got lost, but either way they were a learning experience. They taught me something I was supposed to know about myself, whether I wanted to learn the lessons or not. They introduced me to people I might not have met. Places I might not have wandered into. And a life totally different from the one I imagined for myself. They truly introduced me to kismet. A place where things that are meant to happen, happen. There were certainly many road signs to send me on my way but I think we all know the feeling of stubbornly taking the wrong turn or joyously taking the right one. In the past few years I have taken many detours at my intersections, but I have learned lessons and thankfully met people. places and things that have sent me on my way.

So the next time you reach an intersection and you are not sure of what direction to go, look at the signs and listen to your heart and learn the lesson you are supposed to be learning. In the end you might just end up doing something with joy and going in the direction you are meant to or you might be on a much needed detour.


Phyllis said…
This is the most beautiful and wise post. I loved reading every word. You have truly written a piece that I will come back to more than once. How we evolve is so uncertain at times and we often loose our way or our hope. It is only in living beyond those moments and looking back with discernment that we are able to grasp the magnitude of our travels and what it all means. Thank you for your wisdom! I love the intersections of your piece.
Deborah said…
A very special post.
thought provoking; i think it is best to let art go where it wants to and say out of it's way too,
Diane J. Evans said…
One of my favorite poems is Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" -- your post reminds me of his gentle message. Wise words, indeed.

lee said…
I loved the post. I to follow many different paths, at many different times of my life. I will for sure re read your blog post again.
tangled stitch said…
Thank you for the comments. The poem by Robert Frost is one of my favorites also. I am most thankful for the intersection of all of you in my virtual life.
kanishk said…
Thank you for your wisdom! I love the intersections of your piece.

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