New Leaf

Flower Heart Hand Embroidery on Muslin

Hi All! This piece is currently residing at New Leaf Gallery located at 30 Beekman Street in Saratoga Springs, NY. It is joined there by a few other pieces which I dropped off the other day while out with my friend Cheryl. I am excited to try something new at New Leaf as I previously only showed the bags and scarves. Please go and see this beautiful new gallery on Beekman. It is chock full of beautiful wares and they have a very interesting artist in the gallery now. It's a wonderful place to have my work.

It's been a quite hectic week as my son returned to college this week and we went through schedule hell, but it would take me most of the time I have available to explain it. But as of this moment he has a schedule he likes and he has all of his books so hopefully he will have a wonderful semester.

I've been working a lot. Besides going to New Leaf I went to visit Kathy this week and brought her some beautiful framed pieces and pillows and quiltlets. But the most fun was going out with Cheryl. She has a beautiful piece of work featured in Mimosa Gallery which is also on Beekman Street. It is the most beautiful fused glass elephant. Just gorgeous and like all the other pieces in the show under $100.00. And that is a wonderful place to visit too. Then we went out for lunch and had the most delicious sandwiches at the Grey Gelding Bistro which is a very nice place to get a bite to eat. It is on Broadway in Saratoga. And then chocolate from the Putnam Market. But the most fun was going out with my friend Chery as you can probably tell it was a pretty hectic, stressful week. I wasn't able to get together with Emily this past week but hopefully we'll get together this week. I really appreciated being able to relax and not think about work when out with Cheryl. Although visiting Kathy at the Katbird and visiting Jeromy at New Leaf doesn't really feel like work either.

On the work side, I am in overdrive working on my embroidery. I'm turning a new leaf myself by pushing myself to work more and get my work out there in the universe. No time like the present.

See you soon. Keep stitching.


Diane J. Evans said…
Good for you, having your work in such lovely venues! I hope to visit these places before too long.

Anonymous said…
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jude said…
i have always wanted to be in a gallery.
Phyllis said…
I think being in a gallery is quite special! You are very focused, and this embroidery is stunning.
Deborah said…
Lovely piece! How wonderful to have your work in a gallery.
tangled stitch said…
Thank you for reminding me how wonderful it is to have my work in a gallery. Sometimes I need to hear that. I tend to lose the forest for the trees.
kanishk said…
I hope to visit these places before too long.

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