Art From the Heart for Haiti

Hand Embroidery on Watercolored Muslin

Hi All! This piece is my entry at the Mimosa Gallery, 70 Beekman Street, Saratoga Springs, NY. Some of the proceeds are going to the Clinton/Bush Haiti fund. It will be showing until the end of March. The opening was last night and there are many beautiful pieces to choose from by many talented office so if you are in the neighborhood or planning a trip up here to the great North please check it out.

The name of the piece is Rebirth. I chose green because it is the color of the heart chakra and because green symbolizes rebirth and transformation(at least to me). There is a cross inside of a leaf heart. I designed this piece specifically for Haiti as it came to me while I was watching the Haiti telethon. I hope that someone buys it because of it's meaning and it's purpose.

My friend Cheryl also has a lovely plate showing there. All of Cheryl's work is beautiful but it is my hope that this lovely piece finds a home also. Good news on several other fronts too and much to tell you about. Unfortunately I cannot break myself away from the wonderful Olympics, which have been so inspirational and beautiful. So I will stop here and share some more news shortly. Keep stitching!


Deborah said…
It's beautiful!l I hope your sale is successful.
Anonymous said…
As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you
Diane J. Evans said…
Good luck with the show -- I'm sure your piece will sell!

JudyOlson said…
Love the cross, heart, and leaves theme. Best wishes as always! I've been watching as much olympics as I can also. So inspirational (as in, when I fall down, I don't want to get up, but THEY do!)
lee said…
good luck i know someone will buy that beautiful piece of art. I to am hooked on the olympics said…
Really lovely piece and what a wonderful way to create with this need in mind.
Isn't it exciting to get something hung some where? Looking forward to hearing of your success.
I keep forgetting to leave this url for you; a fun stitching site - though some items are sometimes on the raunchy side...

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