A little Fishy!

Hand Embroidery on Black Fabric

I love this fish, absolutely love it. I love the way the blue kantha stitches look like different colors when they reflect the light even though I used one color of blue to stitch it. I love the little goldfish too. But as with all lightness there is a little darkness too with the fish I love. You can't see it in a dark room, not at all especially from a spot of 5 feet or more. It looks like a black blob of nothing. So I'm glad I love the fish and maybe with an outlet like the dreaded craft show I can explain it in a way that makes the owner understand that it deserves to see the light(where it is really beautiful and detailed) but otherwise it will be a reminder to me that if you are going to work in darkness you have to see the light. And I will find a nice sunny spot next to a window.

I've got a lot going on in my business and my life so I'm still kind of catch me when you can but I'll try to come back soon with some news! Some of it really good and some of it not so good. Keep stitching!


lee said…
keep up the great work
very nice; i like the circular bubbles. i thought about your work when I passed an embroidery store today
JudyOlson said…
I also like the circular bubbles!! How very creative and wonderful, do more fish!
Phyllis said…
Like life there is always a balance between fun and challenge.

I agree the fish is a little gem. Keep on with your creations. It will help you to see more clearly as you wade through the other.
Diane J. Evans said…
He looks terrific on your blog -- love the bubbles!

Deb G said…
Your fish is wonderful!
Anonymous said…
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painter of blue said…
Beautiful as usual : )
tangled stitch said…
Thank you for all the lovely comments. I've found a nice sunny place for my little fish.

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