Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface is the third piece in the Fulton Street Gallery Black and White Show. I shared Beneath the Surface way back when it was just a beginning and didn't have an ending. Since I started this piece I think I have tried to be more open in my life and in my art. I try very hard to have less hidden beneath the surface moments and I'm trying much harder to work my way out of the box I was in.

I'm working on a hand. Yes a hand, a hand embroidered hand. The hand is a glove covered in muslin and now I am covering it with embroidery. My next photo may be the hand embroidered hand or perhaps something else that I've made and never shared. I've been working a lot lately except for the Olympics detour. For some reason it was very hard to concentrate on my work and concentrate on the Olympics. For me the Olympics was a very emotional experience. Probably for many people, but the inspiring stories of people who had to overcome so much for their sport and practice for so long dealing with disappointments and victories was just a little emotionally overwhelming. So I was a little bit stuck. But now I'm unstuck and having a ball embroidering my hand and I've been coming up with lots of ideas for future projects.

I hope you have been working a lot and feeling joy while you are at it. I'll be back soon. Maybe with the hand!


drea_dear said...

I had the same Olympic experience - I thought it would be a breeze to watch and stitch. But I found myself engrossed in things like Biathlon, and Nordic Combined - events that probably didn't require my full attention, but held it anyway. I love the black and white piece!

Deborah said...

The black and white piece is very nice! Looking forward to seeing the hand.

Anonymous said...
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