Thursday, March 4, 2010

Having Fun and a Little Fried

This post will be fast and sweet as I have started a new project a three dimensional embroidery project which has my attention. So much so I have not put it down literally for days. I'll share it when I get my laptop back, which leads me to a little fried. My plug for my laptop is literally and figuratively fried. I guess we will have to replace it because I can't even make it work for me anymore, for a short while I was able to spark it into action but even that has failed so I am writing this blog post on the slower then molasses desktop which frankly I don't have the patience for. Took me twenty minutes to turn the darn thing on. So no pictures today and I will be here till my next birthday if I try and read your wonderful blogs. So off I go and hope to see you soon. And maybe with some pictures of my new project(don't pity me for the computer I am loving this project and now I won't have to feel so guilty). So blessings and keep on stitching to everyone. Hope to see you soon!

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