Just checking in

No pictures today. Not much to talk about either. Been busy on my hand, still no pictures, which comes with an explanation, its a piece that has to be seen finished and well it's just not finished yet. I am enjoying making it a great deal and it should be done soon. I went to see Kathy at the Katbird Shop and it was nice to see her and I brought her a few new pieces. I had lunch with both Cheryl and Emily which was loads of fun but other then that just working and thinking about a plan for the future. I did set some goals for myself at the beginning of the year and I'm trying to get the body in motion. I'm also recovering from a bug of some sort. So not very talkative. Miss reading your inspirational posts so I'll end here and hopefully see you soon(with the hand, it's quite interesting if I say so myself).


JudyOlson said…
Looking forward to seeing the hand! Blessing to you!
Lynda Lehmann said…
Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Both my hubby and I had the WORST cold last month--and it lasted for 2 weeks!

Hope you feel better and get out to see some sunshine!
Deborah said…
Hope you feel better soon!
looking forward to seeing the work. you are inspiring to go throw those weights around again.
Lynda Lehmann said…
Waiting for your next post, Debra Ann!

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