Well, it's been a real long, long time

Never meant it to be quite so long, but life happens and before you know it a long, long,long time has passed. No pictures today as my camera has been on vacation too and needs to be charged.

Well let's start at the beginning of my hibernation. I was totally blocked, no maybe's, no excuses, just blocked. And thanks to the lure of christmas and a few obligations I eventually became unblocked(thanks to the old standby, christmas ornaments where the only goal is to make each one a little different). I've had this weird allergic thing going on for months with a range of symptoms that have made me a little crazy I think. My family, friends and neighbors and anybody who will listen can attest to that I'm sure. Still have it but after all this time I've gotten used to it. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad.

The lovely Kathy at the Katbird Shop has sold a few of my favorite pieces. She sold Just Hand and Mighty Sun. She's sold some bags and some pillows and other various things to make my heart sing. She's a wonderful gal and once again go visit the store if you are ever in Schenectady.

I'm at the Albany Shaker Museum again this Christmas fair, another wonderful place with wonderful people and lots of wonderful handmade gifts. It runs through the Saturday before Christmas and perhaps you will catch me while I'm volunteering. I love to volunteer it puts me in the spirit. Lots of fabulous new artists and crafters so it's worth a trip this year even if you never thought of it before,

I have my christmas ornaments in a lovely new store, called Desolation Road. It is a beautiful gallery run by a fabulous photographer, Jim Miller and featuring the work of my wonderful friend Judy Olsen who always delights and amazes me with her work. My friend Cheryl also has her work there too. It's a beautiful store in Altamont so if you ever over there please drop in!

My son is now a sophomore at UAlbany and still living at home and I have to admit I love the idea that he still wants to live at home. My hubby is well and my dog is getting old but still very lovable.

And now a shoutout to all those wonderful bloggy people and artists in real life too. Being an artist is a wonderful thing and sometimes a not so wonderful thing, but in the end there really isn't any better feeling then putting your work out there and having people like it, love it and buy it. It takes a bit of a blockage to make you realize just how lucky we all are(or immensely talented) to have people see our hearts and our souls out there for the world to see. So blessings to all of the artists. For you nonartists, buy handmade for the holiday. Because a vibrant economy will only be found if we find it in the hearts and souls of our artists and crafters who try to compete with the big fish who outsource our jobs and we all know who they are. And blessings to you too as I know how hard it is buy gifts for everyone on our lists.

See you soon(really this time, with photos). Missed you all a lot and it may take me a little while to get back to see all of your wonderful blogs as I'm trying to catch up. But out of all the things I've missed during my hibernation the companionship of like minded people who like to blog was the hardest. Blessings.


Lynda Lehmann said…
Debra Ann, it's great to see you posting and I'll say "Amen" to that pitch about buying handmade and from the "little guy" who works hard instead of the giant profiteers who send our jobs overseas and make mega-millions.

It sounds as if you are finding a lot of venues for your work and have some good stuff going on! If I lived closer, I'd come see your work.

I hope you do well with some holiday sales, and congrats on those you have already made. I'm glad that except for some pesky allergies, you are doing well!
drea_dear said…
Welcome back, Deb. You're using a lot of positive adjectives, which makes me think the hibernation was good for you! Can't wait to see pictures of some of your work.
JudyOlson said…
Lovely that you are selling at Katbird! I wish you all the best at Shaker this season. My guest spot at Desolation is over but I did sell something so happy with that.
Diane J. Evans said…
Hey, congratulations on your new venue! I'm not too far from Altamont -- is it on the main road in the village? And what kinds of things do you have there? Hope you can show us pictures as soon as the camera is out of the hospital!

tangled stitch said…
Hi and thank you for the great welcome back. Yes I think the hibernation was good all though I didn't think so in the beginning.

Diane yes the store is on Main Street in altamont and it has absolutely beautiful artwork . I am selling my ornaments there.

Judy so glad you did well. It was wonderful to see your work displayed so beautifully, he has such a way with displays doesn't he? And you should check out Kathy at Katbird because she will love your beautiful photographs as much as I do.

Lynda thank you so much. I hope all is well with you and your fabulous art work! It is a wonderful thing to know so many wonderful artists.
jude said…
well welcome back.
Draven Ames said…

Great post and I wish you luck with your art. The museum sounds fun. If you keep blogging like this, you are bound to go far. Good luck with the holidays! Interesting blog. Did you make design it yourself?

Draven Ames
downlights said…
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