Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Just Hand
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Hi I'm taking a blogging break from embroidering and will have new pictures showing up soon. This is one of my favorite pieces and one that Kathy from the Katbird Shop has given a new home to. I loved this piece from the watercoloring of the fabric to the wonderful hand embroidery to the finished project. So just checking in I thought I would reshare it.

I'm working a lot of the time lately so my mood is very centered. Today I took a day off from the mundane errands and the freezing cold outdoors and have been enjoying embroidering an angel. She will also live in the Katbird Shop for a while and hopefully someone else's house too. I'll share a picture when she's framed.

I hope this holiday season finds you centered and enjoying your life and your family. Be back soon with more pictures.

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Lynda Lehmann said...

Sounds as if you are feeling centered and content, as well. It's wonderful to sit and work on art or a craft on a chilly day, isn't it?

Hope you sell your pieces for the holidays!