Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Red Barn

In honor of the lovely red barn I saw up close and personal visiting my friend Cheryl at a craft show I thought I would share my red barn. This piece is hand embroidery on tea-dyed fabric. It is now residing in Valley Artisans Market. Hopefully someone will like it and have it reside in their home.

Now for the beautiful barn I saw. This barn was a renovated barn with three levels and lots of interesting things to look at. The gentleman and his wife who ran the craft show also made adirondack shelves and furniture, very lovely. Very lovely place and it was nice to see so many of my crafting friends too. Cheryl was there with her beautiful glassworks, Patrice was there with her beautiful jewelry, Patty was there with her beautiful weaving and my neighbors at Albany Shaker craft fairs were there with their lovely leather bags. There was a wonderful soap maker who's soap beckoned to me but since I am still battling the always present allergic rash. A quilter, adirondack art work and more. It was a nice warm saturday and I had a great time(as you can probably tell).

I'm embroidering up a storm and feeling very peaceful(except when I'm watching the Mets who are very unpeaceful). It really does seem that when my hand is embroidering all is right with the world. I am hoping that you are doing something that makes everything right in your world. Keep stitching, see you soon.

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JudyOlson said...

I haven't been to "the barn" yet, but your comments make me want to go! Your embroidery is SO beautiful, the amount of stitching that goes into these is amazing.

I think I like the Mets announcers more than I like the team.