Sunny Heart

This piece is called Sunny Heart and it was one of my favorite pieces. Luckily for me it was also a favorite of a lovely lady from New Jersey(my home state) Today was my second day working at Valley Artisans Market and this was my first sale of the day. I love to hand embroider hearts. Just love them(maybe it's the valentine thing) but this piece was just made for the frame I framed it in. I'm not sure if you can see the detail in the photograph but the frame is rustic and it suited the orange watercolor and the stitchery just wonderfully. I never thought too much about framing in the past but I'm finding it wonderful searching for different frames and framing techniques for different pieces. I'm glad someone else saw the specialness of the combination.

What a wonderful experience to be in VAM. I am among such talented artists I could just gush for hours. Every time I go there I see some extraordinary work of art that just leaves me in awe. Today it was a gourd with a dollhouse in it made by Chung-Ah Park. Such detail and precision and beauty in one little gourd. Chung is also a potter and her pottery is to die for also. Symbolism and beauty combine to make beautiful pieces of art. Just wonderful.

Now it is time for me to take leave of the blog so I can read some of my bloggy friends blogs and then get back to embroidering. Blessings to you and if you are anywhere near Cambridge please go to Valley Artisans Market and see that extraordinary gourd! Also, my friend Cheryl(The Lady's Got Glass) is having her opening tomorrow afternoon at Desolation Road so if you are in the neighborhood please stop by and support Cheryl and her beautiful glass work.


JudyOlson said…
Another beauty! And a sale!! So glad things are going well for you in Cambridge.
Diane J. Evans said…
The frame is as beautiful as the embroidery! I think framing our small pieces enhances their beauty and makes them more "sellable" -- and you certainly did an exquisite job with this one. Congrats on the sale!

Lynda Lehmann said…
DebraAnn, you sound very happy! Sounds as if you are in a very good place with creative, upbeat people!

Congrats on your sale. I love it and the frame goes perfectly!
Susan said…
Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your work is great ... and your ability to select a perfect frame for each piece truly enhances the work.
Anil Rajanala said…
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j. w. said…
I love your stitching
Lesley said…
I just stumbled upon your blog, and enjoyed your posts and pictures! Hope you're still creating!
Funny Posts said…
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