Back to the Future

What an interesting few days it has been. Firstly this piece is hand embroidered on tea stained muslin and it was bought by MaryLou from Valley Artisans Market. It reminded her of a childhood home. I love to make pieces that resonate with the people who buy them, remembrances of a happier time. As for myself, it is in a style of embroidery which I made back when I started. I would hand embroider pillows, not framed pieces not enough confidence for that at the time. When I joined the first coop I ditched the country style it thinking it was not "artistic" enough. Silly, silly me.

Valley Artisans Market celebrated their 30th anniversary this past weekend with a pottery seconds sale, a show in the small gallery of Ginny McNiece and her daughters work. Very, very lovely. Very complimentary to each other, but very unique also. If you are in the neighborhood please come to see the beautiful works in the gallery and in the store. We had demonstrations, myself demonstrating hand embroidery. I also bought a few pieces of Chung Ah Park's pottery. I have admired her work since I joined the coop and a pottery second sales was heaven sent. It was wonderful celebrating the past with the knowledge that I am part of the future of this fabulous coop and fabulous people.

To top off my weekend I saw my old boss from Concerned Management at the track in Saratoga. Karen was a wonderful boss and held a shower for me when I left to have my 20 year old son. When I started working there she was pregnant with her 23 year old son. Very handsome young man too. Such a wonderful surprise and she doesn't look any different. She said I didn't age either but I think she was being kind. It was soooo nice to see her and I hope that we will keep in touch. It was delightful.

So there is my weekend of back to the future, where my past and my present and my future melded this weekend.

Thanks for the comments about the orange, I love orange and I'm gonna play it by ear.
I have yet to decide whether orange is in my future or if it should be lost in the past. Blessings to all. Keep stitchin.


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