A New Computer

A new lease on life. I don't have my pictures downloaded yet to this new computer so I thought I would update my blog look. Instead of plain white I opted for a cheerful orange color to go along with my new cheerful computer face. So what do you think? Do you like the cheerful orange color? Or should I look for a new one? Please be honest because I can always change it again. Will be back very soon with photos. And hopefully they won't clash with the cheerful orange.


JudyOlson said…
LOVE the ORANGE!!!!! And thanks for commenting on my new kaleidographs! Have fun with your new computer too.
Lynda Lehmann said…
I love the orange! I have a lot of it in my paintings and digital art, for some reason. I never know it was one of my favorites; going years back, I seemed to favor the blues.

I love your new blog look. But it MIGHT clash with photos. You will have to see how it works out. Once you get more on here, I'll tell you if I think you should change it, as you asked for input.

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