Whack A doodle do

On this crazy whack a doodle day ending this crazy whack a doodle week I am sharing Whack a doodle do. A hurricane and earthquake in the same week happening elsewhere and affecting upstate NY. Now that is really Whack a doodle. This is just my interpretation(made weeks before the earthquake and the hurricane). Hand embroidery on muslin. I loved using all the different colors, it was fun. I just wanted to do something whimsical, another one of those departures I've been talking about. Almost every piece these days is a departure. If you are interested Whack a doodle can be purchased at Valley Artisans Market.

I worked today at VAM and had a marvelous day. Lots of customers which was amazing considering the storm and even more importantly the Travers at Saratoga. Very nice day, very nice people and I made a few sales too. I hope you had a wonderful day. I'm going to cut out and hopefully will be back soon if a tree doesn't fall, my basement doesn't flood and I don't lose my electricity. Be safe and best wishes!


Diane J. Evans said…
WhackADoodle made me smile! I hope you came through the storm as well as we did -- it was a doozy, wasn't it??

Jeremy said…
This will not succeed in fact, that's what I suppose.
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