The bear & his mouse

Hi All! This is a piece I made especially for my friend for her wedding shower. She calls him bear he calls her mouse. I call them wonderful. It's very rare for people to find exactly the right bear or mouse to spend their lives with and it deserved a special gift. I think they loved it. I loved making it and I think it looks like a bear. Was quite nervous as I'm sure you know I haven't met any real bears and I am never quite sure I can capture something real. Perfection is only for the gods. A little abstract is easier perhaps but a real live bear instead of yogi was a stretch.

The last few months have shown me I am a much more capable realist then I thought I was. Abstract and quirky was my claim to fame(as my personality can attest to also). So real things like birds, motorcycles, houses and bears are a real challenge for me. I've tried to get beyond the challenge and try different things. But until it leaves my home and hopefully graces the walls of someone else's, it's kind of a crap shoot.

It is very hard to open yourself to the comparisons of the perfect. The perfect sunset, the perfect bird, the perfect bear. Especially if you want it to be the perfect gift for the perfect couple. But hopefully I pulled it off and it's funny that I had to remind myself that there are millions of perfect bears in the forest who all look a little different. Only god can make both perfection and imperfection, we can just put our own unique spin in the world and hope that it makes us joyful in the process, which this did.

So I guess in ending, I hope my friends bear and mouse find perfection in their imperfections and live in joy and happiness, happily everafter!


JudyOlson said…
Accepting "imperfections" much can be said about that! We are all so trained to notice them and eliminate them, but actually many imperfections are just part of who we are or what we do. They serve to show the hand of the maker, and we and others should not only accept but embrace these little quirks.
Thank you for looking at my new "K's", so glad you like.
Diane J. Evans said…
Your friend will find this to be the perfect bear, and that's all that matters. Perfection can paralyze us, if we let it, so, to all Anal Retentive Left-Brained People out these, let us embrace imperfection!


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