French Knot Explosion

I love to do French Knots, they are my favorite stitch(as if you didn't know that already). This piece is hand embroidered entirely with french knots on black fabric. I always thought of it as an explosion but my friend Carrie saw a rose and darn if she didn't make me see it too. It was so much fun to make. I may do another one in different colors on watercolored fabric.

I took a closeup for Diane. She gave me the suggestion to add closeups to my blog and I think it was a wonderful suggestion. Diane makes the most lovely art quilts(you can see her blog on my blogroll, designed by Diane Evans). They are so colorful and whimsical and she is quite accomplished.

This blog post is a quick one as I am soon on my way to a member meeting at Valley Artisans Market so see you soon. Keep stitching!


Diane J. Evans said…
It truly IS a rose! And the close up is wonderful!! You did a great job -- now I get to see all the fine hand work you do -- and you are talented, friend. Many thanks for the lovely words and the plug for my blog -- it means a lot to me.

Jayson said…
Pretty worthwhile piece of writing, much thanks for the post.
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