Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Great Day

Hi! Today was a great day! I did the St. Clement's craft fair and had a marvelous time. I met many nice people, got a load of compliments on my work and sold these three new pieces which I had just finished this past week. They played Michael Bubles singing the standards. It had one of my favorite songs on it, I Only Have Eyes for You(although I still like the Art Garfunkel version better). I wanted it to be my wedding song but the band didn't know it. I met an adorable 3 year old named Martin, saw my old friend Carrie, and made a makeshift frame for the embroidery piece I was planning on working on all day only to discover I didn't bring a hoop, horrors. I used the frame with my artist statement in it and borrowed some duct tape from the ladies running the show. Not as comfortable or as practical as a hoop but it worked.

At least a dozen people told me I must have a lot of patience and I told them that embroidery teaches me patience which I actually have very little of. Sometimes when I start to get all type A personality, I try to remind myself that patience is a virtue. I guess this was gods way of telling me I at least got the message. I also got a lot of wonderful comments about the little details, the french knots. I think I have written this a thousand times but I just love french knots, they are really wonderful vehicles for meditation. They for sure are my favorite stitch.

And to top off my fabulous day I found Sybil's blog, The Art of Spirit. Her blog is one of my favorite blogs ever. She is a wonderfully spiritual blogger and her blog is very inspirational. She had been on a hiatus for a while, as have I so it was so wonderful to find it again.

I hope you had a great day and I'll be back soon, with a couple of pictures of my next project when I figure out how to take closeups on my old camera for Diane! So far the glare is making it impossible but I'll keep trying. Keep stitching.


JudyOlson said...

So glad you had a GREAT day! I love the Christmas tree embroidery with all those beautiful french knots!!
It just cracks me up when I'm doing thread crochet at a show and people remark on the patience I have...if they only knew!
Many blessings coming your way.

tangled stitch said...

You too! How was the sheep festival?

Anonymous said...

I saw your booth yesterday at the St Clements craft fair. When I saw your work, I wondered if you have ever ventured into other areas for your very beautiful work? In my mind, I saw your work illustrating childrens' books. I also pictured what it would look like on a large scale, like the canvases of Van Gogh.

Your pieces have such great color and movement to them. On line pictures don't do them justice!

I really enjoyed seeing your work, and although I rarely find myself in Schenectady or Cambridge, I will look for you at future fairs!

tangled stitch said...

Thank you very much! It made my great day greater. Thank you for the suggestions too.

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