Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Inspiration of Music

Hi All! I know it's Christmas time and everything everywhere is Christmas music, but this post is going in a different direction as Christmas music inspires me to cry and that's not such a great thing. That being said music does calm the savage beast and inspires me daily. I have really diverse musical likes. Right now I'm into the Black Keys whose Brothers CD made me go out and buy it after one listen to the one from the library. Much to my surprise I discovered they had 6 cd's before that,my wonderful son got them for me as an early Christmas gift and I'm listening to them 24 hours a day. Their bluesy, rock music makes hand embroidering abstract pieces and crocheting funky scarves and bags(I appear to have gotten my fibery mojo back)so much fun. Although I guess to be honest embroidering and crocheting are fun to begin with. Before them it was the Killers or Dave Matthews for that kind of work. I guess the inspiration gotten from them is that they make me feel young or remind me of my twenties when all of them were toddlers. When I'm moody I listen to Death Cab for Cutie. Doesn't that name just scream out moody? They write beautiful reflective songs which you can relate to when you are moody and for the most part make you less moody. Years ago when I made christening outfits and my early hand embroidered pieces it was Andrea Bocelli. I still listen to Bocelli when I make christmas ornaments as they need to come from an otherworldly place I don't understand, the way I don't understand Italian. But then again music is a universal language.

Today I was at Valley Artisans Market which is located beneath the legendary Hubbard Hall. They have many musical events there and you can feel the artistry and musical energy when you are there. Jim at Desolation Road has open mike night and often has musical guests. I think visual art and musical art compliment each other in such a wonderful way, whether music is being played at the moment or not. Music leaves behind such a wonderful energy.

All that being said, for all you fellow non-christmasy music types there is one cd I would recommend it's YoYo Ma's christmas cd. It's beautiful and classical and it brings peace instead of tears.

So what's on your IPOD and how does it inspire you? I hope if nothing else this post inspired you to go out and buy some Black Keys or Andrea Bocelli CD's as a Christmas present for yourself or at least gave you a chuckle. Merry Christmas from me and mine to you and yours! See you soon.

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Crazy Woman said...

What's funny is I've tried to explain to people that listening to depressing music really helps me feel the mood then get past it. I love She wants Revenge for that :) Hope you enjoy the holidays!